academy philosophy

Premier Footballers was established for the specific purpose of developing excellent young soccer players. We are here to provide the highest level of training available in the state of Delaware. Players willing to put in the time, effort, sweat, and tears to be the best are the type of players Premier Footballers Training Staff love to work with!

A highly ensthusiastic, licensed & experienced staff with an aggressive desire to create elite soccer players through advanced training techniques is what sets Premier Footballers Academy apart from other clubs.

We strive to attract players with these goals...

  • Improve individual skills in all aspects of the game
  • Develop a better understanding of the game of soccer
  • Learn to be a playmaker & leader of your team
  • Grow as a person & athlete
  • Become a state/regional/national team player, or youth MLS team player
  • Receive a college scholarship

Formula for Success...

  • Set goals
  • Premier Footballers will help you develop a plan
  • Train Hard. Stick to the plan. Stay dedicated
  • Reach your short-term goals
  • Keep working. Keep training. Stay focused.

Premier Footballers will follow you through to reaching your career goals!